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Rainbow Strisce Felice

Rainbow Strisce Felice  (4) by freckle432
Rainbow Strisce Felice (4), a photo by freckle432 on Flickr.

I was tasked by a customer to knit a dress for her soon to be born baby girl. She wanted something sleeveless or with cap sleeves that could be worn with a shirt underneath or soft for next to the skin wear along. She also asked that it fit from newborn as a dress until about a year as a tunic/shirt. I think I came up with something to fit the bill. It shipped a couple of days ago and I can't wait to see how she likes it and how it fits her new baby girl next month! I did try it on one of my daughter's baby dolls that wears real newborn-3 month baby clothing, and it was a perfect fit as a dress! I also tried it on my 2 year old before I did the finishing work, washing and blocking, and it was just a touch too small, so I think it will be the perfect 12mo tunic!

And quick, the un-pattern.  Please feel free to use this pattern as you wish for creating personal, charity, or boutique items to sell.  I'd love credit if you knit to sell.

Strisce Felice

Size:  One-Size:  Newborn (as a dress) - 12 months (as a tunic/shirt).  Chest, unstretched, measures 16 1/2".  Will fit up to 20" chest with negative ease.  Bigger sizes can be knit by knitting with a bulkier yarn and larger gauge, or by adding stitches to your cast on.

5.15 spi in stockinette stitch

Knit Picks Felici (75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon; 218 yd per 50g ball) 2 balls.  Knit holding the yarn doubled.  Or, you can substitute any other sock yarn held doubled or approximately 200 yards of a DK-light worsted weight yarn.
Size 7 (or needle size to obtain gauge) 16" circular needle
Size 4.5mm crochet hook (optional)
Darning Needle

CO 111 stitches.  Do not yet join in round.
Rows 1-7:  Knit flat for 4 garter ridges
Round 8:  Join to work in the round, placing a marker at the beginning of your round.  *Knit 20, K2tog* 5 times, K1.
Rounds 9-11:  Knit
Round 12:  *K19, K2tog* 5 times, K1
Rounds 13-15:  Knit
Round 16:  *K18, K2tog* 5 times, K1
Rounds 17-19:  Knit

Round 20:  *K17, K2tog* 5 times, K1
Rounds 21-23:  Knit

Round 24:  *K16, K2tog* 5 times, K1 (you should now have 86 sttiches on your needles)

Continue Knitting until you are 8 1/2" from cast on edge.

Knit 19, BO 6, K36, BO 6, K19

Round 1:  Knit to 17, k2tog, CO 20, s1k1psso, K32, k2tog, CO 20, s1k1psso, K17  (110 stitches)
Rounds 2-10:  Knit
Row 11:  Turn work and purl.  You will no longer be working in the round, but instead knitting flat
Row 12:  Knit
Row 13:  Purl
Row 14:  Knit
Row 15:  Purl
Row 16:  Knit
Row 17:  Purl
Row 18:  K2tog across (you will now have 55 stitches on your needle)
Row 19:  BO Purlwise.

Seam up garter edge on bottom of dress that you had worked flat.

Add a slip stitch edge to the back neck slit using a 4.5mm crochet hook.  Add a button loop to one side of the edge and sew a button on to the other.  (Optional:  Add a crochet lace border along bottom edge and add a crochet trim to the sleeves if desired.)  Weave in ends.  Wash, block and wear.

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  1. This is awesomely cute! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern

    Belinda (AKA AngrySnail on Ravelry)