Friday, April 29, 2011

Freckle Soaker Sack

While I was at it, adding the Unspun Cardigan, I thought I'd go ahead and share my Freckle Soaker Sack pattern.  I've shared it via email to any who have asked in the past, but have never polished it to Adobe format for publishing.  So, here it is.... quick and dirty!

zesntring stocking 002 by freckle432

Freckle Soaker Sack

Approximate Measurements:
Waist: 12”
Hips: 15 ½”
Length:  10”

Waist:  15”
Hips:  18”
Length:  12-13”

Stitch Counts:
Waist – “waist” x “gauge” – round to multiple of 4
Hips – “hips” x “gauge” – round to multiple of 4

For the Preemie/NB size, use Double Points, 2 Circulars, or Magic Loop.  For the NB/Small size, 16” circulars will work fine.

Determine gauge and calculate stitch counts.  Since sleep sacks may be used at night, and new babes pee a lot and are on their back a lot, a slightly denser fabric than you would normally use for diapering woolies might be helpful.  For example, if you are working with a worsted yarn you’d normally work up on 7’s, you might size down to 6’s.  Or, use a bulkier weight yarn and knit at whatever gauge you normally would.

Cast on, using needles 2-3 times small than those you used to find gauge, “Waist” stitches, join being careful not to twist.  Work one round of 2x2 rib, place marker at beginning of the round “A”.  This will be the left hip.  Continue to work 2x2 ribbing for 1”.  Work an eyelet round (K2, YO, P2tog around.)  Continue with 2x2 ribbing for another inch.

Set up Hip/Body:
Begin working in stockinette this round, increasing evenly to “Hip” stitches.  I like to use a bar increase as it’s hidden by the ribbing.    Switch to larger needles by knitting onto them.  Place stitch markers ¼ of the way around “B” and ½ of the way around “C”.  You now have the center back “B” and right hip “C” marked.

Work about an inch of the body.   Work 1 set of back and forth short rows (aka EZ short rows.) 

To do this knit to 5 stitches past B, wrap & turn (or your choice of short row method), purl back past B to 5 stitches past B, W&T, knit to 10 stitches past B, W&T, purl back past B to 10 stitches past B, W&T, continue in this manner increasing 5 stitches past B each row until you reach the hips.

Continue working in stockinette until the front of the Sack reaches 8(10)” from cast on row.

Bottom Ribbing:
Switch to smaller needles.  Decrease 4 stitches evenly around.  Work 3x1 ribbing until Sack reaches 10(12-13)” from beginning.  Bind off in pattern using larger needles.

Weave in ends, make a drawstring and work into eyelet round, wash/block, and find a babe to wear the sack!

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